Program Overview



The Covering was established as a ministry of Central Ohio Living Free in June of 2021. Delbert and Jenny Hill have opened their home to broken women and their children for many years, and they officially incorporated Central Ohio Living Free as a nonprofit ministry in 2016. Over the years, they’ve seen the need for women to find a home and family with their children that is also a safe and Christ-centered environment. The Covering home hopes to meet some of that need, focusing on building and rebuilding faith, family and finances for the women that join our family.



To provide hope and help to those who are bound by life-controlling issues, offering them a new life which is provided for in Christ, and the help needed for them to walk in the freedom that is found in Christ.

Tabitha - up to 2 months

  • Ladies may come as referrals from residential programs, jail/prison, churches, outreach ministries, etc.

  • Not employed for this first portion, instead focused on personal, relational, and Christian growth, serving others and taking care of practical needs (license, GED, etc.)

  • Structured daily schedule and regular connection with staff. Building community with one another and the ladies ahead of them.

  • Rebuilding family relationships through phone calls and monthly Family Days


Esther -  up to 7 months

  • Working full time, structured evening schedule including personal studies, church, activities and community time

  • Focus on serving others by connecting with the women behind them in Tabitha, as well as through outreach opportunities and community service

  • Rebuilding relationships with family through Family Days, home visits, and phone calls. If application, focus on intentionally building relationships with their children specifically.

  • Focus on finances, including getting a bank account, building savings, and growing in confidence by taking responsibility for their finances

  • Biggest focus is on being a part of and practicing to eventually build their own home environments that are safe, settled, structured and full of the love and light of God


Transitional - varied length

  • Women can move in immediately into a home setting, while their children begin a process of transition as needed (weekends, evenings, etc.) before moving in.

  • Practicing real life: maintaining their relationship with Christ, a full time job, parenting well, and staying in good community and accountability.

  • Continue to build a strong financial foundation, including saving toward rent/mortgage and improving their credit score

  • Family environment shows a model for parenting and marriage, as well as mentorship and personal application for each woman