The Covering was founded on the conviction that woman are created in God's image and that no women is beyond God's reach. As Christians, we believe that Jesus — Himself brought to trial, executed, buried, and brought to life again — offers hope, healing, and a new purpose for each life. He can make even the most broken people and situations whole again. Through an amazing awakening to new hope and life purpose, those who once were broken, can begin a new life as a daughter, wife, mother, and friend!


In the Bible you will see Jesus interacting with women. In fact, the Messiah elevated the status of women wherever he went. In a society where women were relegated to second-class status, Jesus healed them, defended them, depended upon their influence, and built genuine friendships with them. The Covering will follow the example that Jesus set before us. With the help of Jesus, we will help in leading them to lives of complete HEALING that Jesus provides! We will DEFEND them from the enemy who has tried to destroy the woman inside of them that God so beautifully created. We will TEACH them to DEPEND on each other, STRONG Godly mentors, and most of all GOD Himself.


Our Mission

Redeeming women’s lives through the gospel of Jesus Christ in a Christian home: rebuilding family.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change their world

by becoming a woman after Gods own heart.


Our Vision

Equip and empower families in God-centered homes to live out the gospel to the glory of God.

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