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Our Story


For many years, Central Ohio Living Free (COLF) founders Delbert & Jenny Hill have opened their home to dozens of people in need - friends, family, strangers.


They’ve been family to many men and women in the process of personal and financial growth, walking with the Lord, parenting, and more. They’ll be the first to tell you that they are far from perfect, and that it was only when their own pain became too much and they came to the end of themselves that they found that God really is true and real and that He knows the best way to live.

Since 2008, they have sought to love God and love people with their whole lives - their finances, their schedules, and most of all - their home.

In 2016 they officially formed Central Ohio Living Free, which includes both an outreach branch and an open room (or five!) in their home. Visit our Outreach page to read more of the outreach opportunities they’ve built over the years and visit the Our Home page to read about the residential and transitional home programs... but if you ask them, they’ll tell you their heart is just to love the person in front of them. And by God's grace, they have a Big House to do that in.

Delbert & Jenny Hill, Founders of COLF

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To take away confusion, Central Ohio Living Free (COLF) is the parent 501c3/nonprofit, organized back in 2016 to focus on outreach and provide Biblical hospitality. As we found that we needed more structure to the residential/transitional living side of our ministry, however, (and after much prayer and labor), COLF launched The Covering (DBA) as the residential branch of our ministry in 2021. That is the name you'll hear us use most often!

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